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Afrina Nail Care

Revitalize your hands and feet with our nail care services. Classic Manicures and pedicures include nail shaping, buffing, cuticle treatment and gentle exfoliation and Scrubbing. Hydrate your skin with a moisturizing massage using smooth skin care products. Finish with Afmetic Nail polish. To relax and enjoy getting the perfect Manicure & prdicure Spa and complete your treatment with Alessandro Paraffin. If you need some new length and special nail shapes with acrylic and Gel Extensions our Nail technicians will give your nails new life, by adding beautiful designs to your nails.

Afrina Nail Care Room
Afrina Nail Care

Our Special Nail Care Services

Are things a little out of hand? Let’s get those nails in good shape. Our team of highly experienced techs not only abolishes calluses, hangnails and other hand and foot fails, they will groom your hands and feet to healthy, polished perfection.

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