Skin Care Services

    • Facial Normal

      AED 262.50

      Treatment for all skin type, cleansing for skin without problems

      Duration: 45 Minute

    • Facial Special

      AED 367.50

      Treatment for Very sensitive skin and Oily and Acne problems

      Duration: 50 Minute

    • Facial VIP

      AED 525.00

      Treatment For All Skin Problems Like Pigmentation, Dehydrated, Rejuvenating, and stressed skin

      Duration: 60 Minute

    • Facial Anti – Aging

      AED 630.00

      Treatment for Expression Lines, Wrinkle, Long lasting anti-aging effect, Restore the youthful Facial Contours, by using high Frequency

      Duration: 75 Minute

    • Facial VVIP

      AED 840.00

      Deep peeling treatment for all skin types particularly for pigmentation, exfoliation and skin using Ultrasonic Skin Spatula, and also luxurious facial treatment and products with the most advanced anti-ageing technology to decisively fight the signs of ageing.

      Duration: 90 Minute

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