Hair Color & Highlights

    • Hair Color

      AED 105.00AED 420.00

      Roots Color Regular: 262.5+ AED

      Roots Color Ammonia Free: 367.5+ AED

      Full Hair Color Regular: 315+ AED

      Full Hair Color Ammonia Free: 420+ AED

      Tonering / Rensage: 105+ AD

    • Hair Highlights

      With Afrina Always you will Look Chic & Dynamic

      Experience Gorgeous & fabulous Hair Services in Afrina


      Half Head Highlights Regular
      Half Head Highlights Ammonia Free
      Full Head Highlights Regular
      Full Head Highlights Ammonia Free
      Color Lifting / Color Wash Regular
      Color Lifting / Color Wash Ammonia Free
      Crazy Color Per Piece Regular
      Crazy Color Per Piece Ammonia Free
      Crazy Color Full Head Regular
      Crazy Color Full Head Ammonia Free

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