• Afmetic Eyelash Extension Wash Foam

      AED 126.00

      Afmetic Wash Foam works quickly and effectively to remove all eye makeup and cleanse the eye area.

      Its carefully researched oil-free formula leaves skin feeling clean and fresh. This product is suitable for lash extensions and natural lashes.

    • Afmetic Eyeshadow Kit

      Whether you love a Smokey eye or natural looks, our collection of eye shadow shades helps you to create the dreamiest day-to-night eye looks.

    • Afmetic Lipstick

      Say goodbye to dark circles and imperfections with our Concealer Palette!

      One dot of the product under eyes and blend over, blemishes for a smooth, flawless finish.

    • Afmetic Waterproof Liquid Foundation

      Afmetic Liquid Foundation provides matte finish including:

      • Anti-ageing ingredients
      • Helps minimize fine lines
      • Smooth out wrinkles and leave skin with a more youthful, flawless appearance.
    • Finishing Glaze Serum

      AED 157.00

      The oil-free Finishing Glaze seals the adhesive bond of the extension and imparts a gorgeous sheen.

      This product is ideal to use daily to tame lashes and to add luster, and what’s more, is that there is no need to remove it!

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