Make Up

Makeup normal without lash: AED 525.00 – 45min
Make up normal w master artist: AED 840.00 – 45min
Makeup special without lash: AED 840.00 – 60min
Makeup special with Master Artist: AED 1,050.00 – 60MIN
Makeup VIP without lash: AED 840.00 – 90min
Makeup VIP with master artist: AED 1,890.00 – 90min
Teenage makeup without lash: AED 262.50 – 30min
Eyelash extension normal 3×3 – one day: AED 210.00 – 30min

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Afrina Make Up

Move seamlessly from day to night with amazing make up that will transform your looks. Whether you want to glam up for a party, or go sparkly for any event, our experts can add a sophisticated and radiant touch of magic to your Look.


Makeup normal without lash, Make up normal w master artist, Makeup special without lash, Makeup special with Master Artist, Makeup VIP without lash, Makeup VIP with master artist, Teenage makeup without lash, Eyelash extension normal 3×3 – one day


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