Beginners Henna Course

AED 1,575.00

24 Hours

4 Weeks

3 Classes per week

2 Hours per session

The Professional Kit is included in this training course

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Course Description:

This course offers students an opportunity to learn all the basic designs needed to create henna patterns, from small flowers to large paisley designs.

Designed for complete beginners this course is ideal if you want to learn more about the amazing art form of henna, using traditional techniques to create stunning, intricate, and long-lasting designs by completing the intermediate and advanced courses.


Course Outline:

  • Students are given templates and designs to follow, encouraged to repeat the designs so they become familiar with the patterns
  • Students will be covering the health & safety of henna and discover the array of various designs available
  • Preparing Henna cones
  • Basic Arabic Designs
  • Basic Shapes “Lines, Dots, Humps, Swirls, Petals, Paisley and Vines”
  • How to Control your cone handling
  • Create numerous pencil designs which will then be transferred to henna designs
  • Learn to put designs together
  • Learning both simple and intricate henna patterns
  • Create simple strip designs on our acrylic henna practice hands
  • Henna Aftercare Procedure

Students will undergo practical and written exams to receive the Afrina Academy Official Diploma attested from KHDA.


Henna Kit:

  • Henna cone


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