Hair Extension Course

AED 5,250.00

12 Hours

2 Weeks

3 Times a week

2 Hours per session

The Price is included with the Professional Kit

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Course Description:

In Afrina Academy we will be teaching the latest technology in hair extension methods that will master the application process, and learn how to create instant length volume and fashion effects- maximize profitability within the salon!

And you will cover how to identify which products and techniques to use and learn the application of 4 types of hair Extensions like (Tape In, Keratin Glue, and Micro Ring, Stitching Weaving Hair).


Course Outline:

  • Health and safety
  • Hygiene
  • Tools/Equipment
  • Product Knowledge
  • Customer Service
  • Features and benefits of the extension system
  • Hair and scalp analysis (Consultation techniques & Contra-indications)
  • Demonstration on how to apply, maintain and remove all types of hair extensions, including weft ring application
  • Learn how to create length volume and create color placements
  • Students working on long hair head to practice and develop skills
  • Product recommendation, aftercare advice


Hair Extension Kit:

  1. Tools For Micro Ring
    • Bead Device
    • Pulling Hook
    • Silicone Lined Micro Rings (2 colors)
    • 1 Pack Hair Extension (20PCS)
  2. Tools For Keratin glue Extension
    • Nail keratin Glue ( 2 colors)
    • Electric Loof Machine
    • 1 Pack Keratin Glue Hair Extension (20PCS)
  3. Tools For Tape-In Hair Extension
    • Double-Sided Tape Lace
    • 1 Pack Tape Hair Extension (20PCS)
  4. Tools For Line (weave) Hair Extension
    • Curved Needles
    • Cotton Thread
    • Line Weave Hair Extension (1 Piece)


Tools to use with all Hair Extensions

  • Hair Extension Removal Lotion
  • Glue Bond Removal Tool
  • Pliers
  • Hair Clips
  • Comb
  • Scissor


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