Advanced Nail Extension

AED 6,825.00

24 Hours

4 Weeks

2 Classes per week

3 Hours per session

The Professional Kit is included in this training course

Course Description:

This advanced course is for the student who already has skills in standard nail extension applications.

An initial nail technician program leading to state licensure will cover nail extensions and nail overlays in great detail, including acrylic sculpting, and professional, safe removal. Advanced courses are designed to take your skills in nail extensions to a higher level.


Course Outline:

  • Health and Safety
  • Basic Nails Anatomy
  • Nail Diseases and disorders
  • Safety & Safety Precaution method during Acrylic application
  • Product Knowledge and tools
  • Nail preparation
  • Acrylic Extension Edge Shape
  • Aquarium Nail Extension With different shapes
  • Refill the aquarium extension
  • Troubleshooting
  • Aftercare Advice

Students will undergo practical and written exams to receive the Afrina Academy Official Diploma attested from KHDA.


Nail Extension Kit:

  • Liquid Monomer (100 ML)
  • Nail Hydrator (30 ML)
  • Nail Primer (30 ML)
  • Acrylic Powder pink Nude (22 GM)
  • Acrylic Powder White (22 GM)
  • Acrylic Powder pink Nude (22 GM)
  • Acrylic Powder Pink (22 GM)
  • Acrylic Powder Colors X 6 (22 GM)
  • Acrylic powder Clear (22 GM)
  • Sealer Top coat
  • Nail Cleanser
  • Nail Form Paper
  • Nail Extension Remover
  • Zebra file
  • Buffer
  • Nail tips
  • Nail Drill Machine
  • LED Machine
  • Beauty Box


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