Nail Care

  • Classic Manicure: 30 min /110.25 AED
  • Classic Pedicure: 45 min /126 AED
  • Spa Manicure: 45 min /189 AED
  • Spa Pedicure: 60 min /236.25 AED
  • Medical Pedicure: 45 min /210 AED
  • The Callus off & Dry Skin Care: 30 min /157.5 AED
  • Paraffin Hand: 30 min /126A ED
  • Paraffin Feet: 30 min /157.50 AED
  • Nail Polish classic: 15 min / 42 AED
  • Nail Polish French: 25 min / 63 AED
  • Polish Removal: 5 min / 10.50 AED
  • Nail Polish Gel: 30 min / 126 AED
  • Nail Polish French Gel: 40min / 157 AED
  • Nail Polish Gel Cat Eye: 45min / 189 AED
  • Gel Polish Removal: 30 min / 52.5AED
  • Nail Repair & Strengthener: 20 min /105 AED
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Are things a little out of hand? Let’s get those nails in good shape. Our team of highly experienced techs not only abolishes calluses, hangnails and other hand and foot fails, they will groom your hands and feet to healthy, polished perfection.


Classic Manicure
A maintenance must-have mani that includes hand exfoliating, cuticle trimming, nail clipping, shaping and ending with simple massage.

Classic Pedicure
This reviving pedicure includes a softening soak , scrub and exfoliation, clipping, trimming, buffing and ending with soft hand massage.

Spa Manicure
This Spa Manicure is an extension of our classic. Our treatment also includes a gentle exfoliation of the cuticles, hands and arms to smooth and soften rough dry skin. Hands are then treated to a super-hydrating Mask, followed by a hand and arm massage that will keep you coming back for mor

Spa Pedicure
After a soothing footbath and Salt Glow exfoliation, our unique mask treatment soothes away Dry and rough spots. Then receive a relaxing foot and lower leg massage before it all ends with toenails.

Medical Pedicure
The Medical Footlogix professional pedicure focuses on healing foot and nail ailments, from eliminating simple dryness to addressing more severe conditions resulting from Diabetes. The Footlogix transformational foot care product line was scientifically formulated with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and developed specifically for podiatrists, pedicurists, and industry professionals. It includes nail trimming and shaping, anti-microbial foot soak, exfoliating seaweed scrub, cuticle care, conditioning cuticle treatment, dry-heel and callus work, non-greasy moisturizing foot mousse, hydrating lotion foot and lower-leg massage, nourishing.

The Callus Off & Dry Skin Care
Dissolves stubborn calluses with a powerful exfoliating formula with callus remover gel wrap, and then buffs them away with a thorough foot filing to reveal baby-soft soles.

The treatment indulges with a deep-acting hand and foot mask that is packed full of natural raw ingredients such as shea butter and lavender. The natural paraffin comes in hygienic single-use packs and is ready for immediate use. The lavender scent creates a relaxing environment and ensures a wonderful spa experience.

Nail Polish
So Many Nail Polishes, Not Enough Fingers, Add Glamour Effect To Your Nails, Amazing Afmetic Color Selections Normal and Gel.

Nail Repair & Strengthener
Intense treatment used to improve nail plate integrity under any Gel Polish Coating. Also used to target natural nail imperfections and weaknesses that prevent natural nails from growing long, can be used:

  • Under Gel Polish so will Protect, Repair and Toughen the nail
  • For Natural Nail Growth Treatment will repair and internally toughen the natural nail
  • Use on the new growth area before rebalancing gel or acrylic enhancements

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