Nail Extension

  • Nail Extension “Tarkib – With Nail Polish”: 30 min – 210 AED
  • Acrylic Classic Full set: 120 min – 525 AED
  • French Or Baby Boomer: 120 min – 682.5 AED
  • Ombre Full Set: 150 min – 367.50 AED
  • Aquarium Full Set: 180 min – 840 AED
  • Refill Acrylic Classic: 90 min – 315 AED
  • Refill French Or Baby Boomer: 120 min – 472.5 AED
  • Refill Gel or Acrylic Aquarium: 150 min – 525 AED
  • Nail Extension Repair Per Nail: 20 min – 63 AED
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Nail Extension “Tarkib – With Nail Polish”

Let Your Nails Be The Center Of Every Occasion

  • Tarkib Plastic Nail Tips Extensions
  • Look Glamourous & Natural
  • Lasts For One Week
  • Easy To Remove
  • Different Lengths And Shapes


Nail Extension Acrylic

A natural look with our selection of acrylic extensions:

  • Instantly great Looking
  • Strong & different shapes
  • Long length, holds polish or beautiful design
  • Choose classic, French or baby boomer
  • Glamorous appearance


Nail Extension Refill
If You Break It, We Can Make It
Refresh Your Nails – Get Them To Look Good As New!


Professional Nail Technicians will assist You.


Acrylic Classic Full set, French Full Set, Baby Boomer Full Set, Ombre Full Set, Aquarium Full Set, Refill Acrylic Classic, Refill French, Refill Baby Boomer, Refill Ombre, Refill Aquarium, Repair 1 Nail, Afrina Plastic Nail Tips Tarkib


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