Eyelash Lifting & Tinting

AED 1,575.00

6 Hours

1 Week

3 Times a week

2 Hours per session

The Professional Kit is included in this training course

Course Description:

A lash lift and tint is a lash service that permanently curls and tints natural eyelashes.

Lash Lifting is a new age lash perm that uses silicone shields and a series of cream-based products to curl natural eyelashes eliminating the need for eyelash curlers. Unlike traditional eyelash perms, which use tight rods to give lashes an unnatural barrel curl, lash lifts use specially-shaped silicone shields to give natural lashes height while extending lashes to their full length. Lash tinting is often used in conjunction with lash lifting, although it can be done on its own, and permanently darkens the color of the natural lashes. When used together, a lash lift and tint replace the need for eyelash curlers and mascara.

The one-week training course will combine theory and practical demonstrations covering all the knowledge and techniques of applying Lash Lift and tinting, the products used for treatment, and information on aftercare and retail opportunities.

After attending this course the students will be able to confidently practice the Eyelash Lifting & Tinting service.


Course Outline:

  • Assess the client and prepare for the treatment,
  • Complete a full consultation,
  • Understand the hair structure and hair growth cycle,
  • Identify contra-indications,
  • Understand the concept of the Lash Lift treatment and be able to complete the application of Lash Lift
  • Provide aftercare advice,
  • Promote retail opportunities
  • Health and safety
  • Hygiene
  • Precautions, Contraindications, and how to address it
  • Tools/Equipment
  • Lash Lift product knowledge
  • Eyelash Anatomy: Ocular Anatomy
  • Conditions of the Eyes
  • Safe Treatment and Cleansing of the Eye Area
  • Eyelash Lifting Product knowledge procedure
  • Eyelash Tinting
  • Developing times of products
  • Curling process for hair structure
  • Consultation practices
  • Maintenance application & retail products available for maintenance
  • Pre & Aftercare advice/homecare advice (Adhesive caring process)


Students will undergo practical and written exams to receive the Afrina Academy Official Diploma attested from KHDA.


Eyelash Lifting & Tinting Kit:

  • Perming Solution
  • Fixation Solution
  • Neutralizer
  • Cleanser / Glue Remover
  • Lash Lifting Glue
  • Lash tinting color X 2
  • Tinting developer Cream
  • Silicone Lift pads (Different Sizes)
  • Micro Applicator
  • Disposable Mascara brushes pack
  • Eyelash Lifting Separator Tool
  • Collagen Eye Pads
  • Afmetic Eyelash Wash Foam


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