How to maintain a vibrant Hair Color

How to maintain a vibrant Hair Color

When you’re ready to make some changes and go to give a new life to your hair, it’s as well important to keep them fresh after. So here we gather some tips for you.

  1. Stay away from the shower
    Don’t get it too serious! We just recommend waiting at least 24 hours before shampooing your freshly colored hair.
  2. Don’t get hot
    After a long day, a hot shower might feel super good, but it probably won’t worth ruining your hair. Just stick with a cooler temperature, it also will help to prolong the brilliance of the color.
  3. Consider Switching up
    Review the products you use on a daily basis and say goodbye to those, which contain salts, sulfates, and detergents.
  4. Say no to clarifying shampoos
    They can easily fade all the color from your hair, also be careful about dandruff shampoos, they can do the same, especially if they’re not designed for colored hair.
  5. Heat is the enemy
    Try your best to at least create a protective barrier between hot tools and your fragile hair.
  6. Too much sun is dangerous 
    Just like for skin, same it works for hair, so better keep it protected and don’t go out with a hat.

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  1. I really like this blog, its informative and helpful 🙂

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