Makeup Do & Don't

Makeup Do & Don’t

  1. Foundation
    + Do moisturizer and primer before foundation
    + Do match foundation to overall body tone
    – Don’t apply foundation to bare skin
    – Don’t match foundation to neck
  2. Concealer
    + Do use a concealer that’s 1-2 shade lighter than your foundation
    – Don’t conceal underage circles without using a corrector first
  3. Powder
    + Do set foundation with setting powder
    – Don’t use foundation powder to set makeup
  4. Contour
    + Do use a taupe matte bronzer
    – Don’t use a warmed toned bronzer
  5. Highlight
    + Do highlight high points of cheeks, nose & Cupid bow
    – Don’t highlight apples of checks if you have large pores
  6. Blush
    + Do apply blush on the apple of cheeks and blend upward
    – Don’t blend blush below the apple of the cheek
  7. Brows
    + Blondes: Do use a product 1-2 shades darker than hair color
    + Brunettes: Do use a product 1-2 shades lighter than hair color
    – Don’t use a black brow product
  8. Eyes
    + Do primer lids for shadow
    + Do use a warm-toned crease color
    – Don’t apply shadow to bare lids
    – Don’t use shimmer in the crease
  9. Eyeliner
    + Do use a pencil or gel for natural definition
    + Do blend eyeliner into a subtle cat-eye
    + Do blend bottom lash line
    – Don’t use a harsh liquid liner
    – Don’t drag eyeliner down
    – Don’t leave a harsh line
  10. Lashes
    + Do curl lashes before mascara
    + Do use falsies with a thin band
    – Don’t curl lashes after mascara
    -Don’t use falsies with a thick band
  11. Lip liner
    + Do outline your lips using small strokes
    – Don’t drag liner in one harsh line
  12. Brushes
    + Do clean makeup brushes often
    – Don’t use dirty brushes

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  1. Best articles ever especially for those who doesn’t know how to put make ups like me. Superb!

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