How to Start Building Your Makeup Collection

How to Start Building Your Makeup Collection

  1. Start with Basics
    Pick a foundation that matches your skin tone and skin type. Remember that different bases give different coverage. Think what kind of makeup you are going to do the most and start with either cream, liquid, or powder foundation.
  2. Choose a blush
    As foundation will even out your skin tone and hide redness, but at the same time it will make it look plain, so to bring back the life to your face you will need first of all the blush. It comes in either powder, cream, or tint form. The main principle to choose the blush is to match your color type. Rosy pink for fair skin, Peachy shades for medium tone skin, Berries, Corals, and Rich bronze for dark skin.
  3. Eyeshadow to compliment your eyes
    The properly chosen eyeshadow will make your eyes look bright and big, and also set up a mood for your look. Be sure to have a lighter set of eyeshadow for daily wear, and a darker one (or brighter with more colors) for nights out.
  4. Mascara and eyeliner
    For the beginning just stay classy with black volume mascara and black liquid eyeliner.
  5. Find the right lipstick and lip liner
    Consider getting ready for both: a dark shade to wear on those special nights out, and a lighter/natural shade to wear during the daytime. Make sure to match your lipstick and lip liner shades.
  6. Don’t forget the eyebrows
    Especially at this Mask-times eyebrows became a highly important part of our faces (just like they always were), so make sure you take good care of them by keeping in a good proper shape, complementing your face. And of course, with the product: depending on what you got, consider having an eyebrow pencil and gel.
  7. Invest in good quality makeup brushes 
    Good makeup products don’t mean anything without proper application, so use your savings to get mainly used brushes for foundation, eyes, lips, and powder products.
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