Hair treatment Goldwell Dualsenses “Just Smooth” Benefits

Hair treatment Goldwell Dualsenses “Just Smooth” Benefits

This treatment specifically developed to make unruly hair more manageable. This mask combats frizz and detangles the hair, making it also easier to comb. Goldwell Dualsenses Just Smooth 60 Sec treatment makes hair smoother and softer and ensures a beautiful shine. Provides manageability, frizz control with outstanding soft hair feel, a brilliant shine and perfect for unruly and frizzy hair.

The full treatment sent contains 6 products:

  1. Taming Shampoo
    Instantly creates manageability and frizz control. 
    As gentle as water, the unique FadeStop Formula minimizes color fading with every use.
    Products are good for in-salon and at-home usage.
  2. Taming Conditioner 
    Instantly detangles and nourishes for smooth and touchably soft hair.
    The product is suitable for use at home and in-salon.
  3. 60 SEC Treatment 
    Regenerates hair instantly up to 100% in 60 seconds and provides manageability and frizz control.
  4. Taming Oil
    Instantly provides control, an outstanding soft hair feel with brilliant shine and  Anti-humidity effect.
  5. 6 Effects Serum
    Instantly provides 6 smoothening effects:
    • Anti-fizz
    • Humidity control
    • Taming
    • Manageability
    • Smoothening
    • Natural Shine
  6. Intensive Taming Serum
    Deeply smoothes and softens hair for instant taming and frizz control in seconds, Enhances the natural beauty of hair and anti-humidity effect.
    Product for in-salon.
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